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Special Quran Curriculum & Program for Young Children

RISE East Bay is pleased to announce the special Quran Curriculum and program for the young children at the RISE East Bay campus from toddler to first grade!

The school will be under the guidance of Mawlana Abazar Wahedi who is a Hafiz of the whole Quran and internationally recognized Quran reciter, and the directorship of Sr. Elham Shaheidari, who is a certified Quran trainer and has a Master’s degree in Education.

The program will be play-based with the latest methods of Quranic teaching in a very fun and engaging way.

The school will look like a regular academic school but with an enriched Quran and Islamic studies program.
If you need more information about the program please email us at admin.eastbay@riseschools.education
Registration is now open!

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